SML's Famous Ice Cream Boat: How To Find It

SML's Famous Ice Cream Boat: How To Find It

Ah, the beloved Ice Cream Boat of Smith Mountain Lake!

This boat has been delighting lake-goers since 2000, when teen-age brothers Travis and Ryan came up with the genius idea of selling ice cream around the lake on their boat. These two brothers still operate this sweet business today!

So how does one land one of these lakeside treats?

1) Listen for the music
The Ice Cream Boat's distinct music travels far over the water. Not surprisingly, it sounds like an ice cream truck!

2) Noodle wave!
If you see the Ice Cream Boat from your dock (or boat for that matter), grab a swim noodle or something else bright and wave it wildly! They will see your S.O.S. and come to your rescue.

3) Hit the Beach
If you don't see the Ice Cream Boat anywhere around the lake and you're growing desperate (we understand), head to the Smith Mountain Lake State Park beach. They frequent the dock there often, much to the joy of the beach-goers!

When we see them coming we ruuuuun!

Here it comes! Running to meet it at the dock. 

4) Track them down
Track the Ice Cream Boat down using this website. Refresh every 15 minutes or so to see them moving around the lake.

When you find the boat you will probably find this guy, too! Travis is the oldest of the two brothers and greets us with a smile!

5) The right place at the right time
Last but not least, stay at our house! The Ice Cream Boat has graced our cove many times! What a treat!

Ice Cream on our dock!

I have to say, I think half the fun is finding the boat. So good luck and happy Ice Cream Boat hunting!